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Browse /r/aww - Costs 5 upvotes - Adds half a weight per upvote.

Grow a neckbeard - Costs 5 downvotes - Adds half a weight per downvote.

Make the front page - Costs 20 upvotes - Adds half an upvote every 3 seconds - Rebuyable

Buy a new fedora - Costs 20 downvotes - Adds half a downvote every 3 seconds - Rebuyable

Participate in secret santa - Costs 200 upvotes - Adds 1 weight per upvote.

Subscribe to /r/SRS - Costs 200 downvotes - Adds 1 weight per downvote

Take down /r/SRS - Costs 500 upvotes - Adds 1.5 weight per upvote and takes away all downvotes

Dox mods of /r/aww - Costs 500 downvotes - Adds 1.5 weight per downvote and takes away all upvotes

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